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Master Theses

General Information

The Department of Information Systems for Sustainable Society offers bachelor and master theses. However, the following information is exclusively applicable to master theses.

The following examiners are available:

  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ketter

The individual theses are supervised by one or two researchers affiliated to the department. Please hand in your application in due time. After having agreed upon the topic of the thesis, a prompt registration at the examination office of the University of Cologne is possible.

For optimum preparation, we recommend you to participate in the courses offered by our department. These comprise detailed insights into relevant research topics in the context of energy systems. Furthermore, we aim at conveying fundamentals regarding data analytics and machine learning. Within additional seminars, you are granted the option to gain experience with respect to scientific work and writing. The individual feedback may act as a crucial cornerstone to assess your performance level, main interests, and requirements to successfully realize a thesis.

Admission Requirements

At the Department of Information Systems for Sustainable Society we only supervise theses related to our primary research interests. These, above all, comprise smart electricity markets, the smart grid, sustainable transportation as well as e-mobility, data analytics, and competitive simulation. Additionally, proposed theses have to meet the general requirements of the examination office of the University of Cologne. Please note that any other application and inquiry will be rejected without further argumentation. 

We prefer students exhibiting profound contextual (smart energy systems) and methodological (data analytics and machine learning) knowledge regarding our research interests. 

Finally, all guidelines specified for the respective study programmes have to be considered.


As regards the award of theses, the following procedure has been adopted:

  1. Topic: The candidate either chooses a topic based on the list of currently available topics listed below (recommended) or works out a detailed research proposal on her own. The contact person given in the individual tenders can be contacted in case of any question regarding the content or organizational issues. If the question is of a rather general nature, the person in charge is Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ketter.
  2. Application: The applicant sends his documents to the respective supervisor/contact person. In case of individually suggested topics, please contact Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ketter. Each application should comprise the following elements:

    1. Proposal:The proposal depicts the main background and motivation of your research topic. Based on the propsal, a concise research question is to be derived and formulated. In the following, the methodological approach shall be outlined. The suggested methods and algorithms shall be listed. Please give an overview on the respective data. The proposal already has to include relevant literature references. Please note that special focus shall be placed on the research question and the respective approach.
    2. Outline: A first outline is supposed to present the individual work steps and sub-topics as well as the respective weightings.
    3. CV
    4. Overview of Grades
    5. Contact details: Please use the contact sheet comprising the following information: name and surname, postal address, phone number, mail address, date of birth, student id, course of study, targeted date to begin your thesis

  3. Proposal Revision: The supervisor of the research topic may ask you to revise your proposal and outline. If both reach a certain maturity, the supervising professor, the supervising researcher, and the candidate arrange a meeting. If needed, the examiner may initiate further revisions.
  4. Signature of the Examiner: After having agreed upon the research proposal and outline, the examiner confirms the acceptance of the research topic under discussion by signing the proposal and outline. 
  5. Application for Acceptance: Given the signature of the examiner, the student has to contact the secretary's office of the department (Christel Schäfer). (It can take between 3 weeks and 3 months to successfully finish the steps 1 to 5)  
  6. Official Confirmation: If the secretary's office has handed in the application at the examination office, the student receives a confirmation of his registration by the examination office.
  7. Begin of the Processing Time: When working on your thesis, please take the guidelines for scientific working and writing into account. In case of questions related to the content of your work, please contact the supervising researcher.
  8. Submission: After the processing time, the thesis has to be handed in at the examination office (two documents bound and a copy (pdf + office document if desired) on a CD/DVD). The CD/DVD should include the raw data, the cleaned-up data, the programming code, and the literature as pdf.

We explicitly point out that we do not guarantee the completeness of the previous guidelines. Therefore, please study the official guidelines specified by the examination office in detail.


Please find below a list of all theses which are currently to be assigned:

Master Theses:

In case of proposed topics on your own initiative, please send an application according to the above mentioned guidelines to Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ketter.