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Winter Semester / Wintersemester

Advanced Environmental Sustainability and Smart Energy Information Systems (M. Sc.)

Welcome to Advanced Environmental Sustainability and Smart Energy Information Systems [AESSEIS]. This course aims to provide you with an intuition of how Information Systems (IS) can be designed to address pressing sustainability challenges in society. Over the course of one semester you will learn how energy and mobility ecosystems are changing and what role IS plays in facilitating these transitions. You will be introduced to the essential data science and machine learning concepts that are behind these ongoing sector revolutions. You will also understand how cutting-edge IS research is conducted and how rigorous design science approaches coupled with experimentation and simulation techniques are applied to drive sustainability in energy and mobility.

With a growing global demand for energy - and electricity in particular - solutions to provide this energy (1) sustainably, (2) affordably and (3) reliably must be developed as a matter of urgency. These three joint objectives are commonly referred to as the Energy Trilemma - A ”Wicked Problem” with no easy straight-forward solution. At the same time the energy ecosystem - and the world around us in general - are increasingly digitalizing resulting in massive and ubiquitous data streams. Controlling, let alone optimizing such highly complex data-driven ecosystems exceeds the capabilities of conventional approaches. AI-based Information Systems offer an excellent tool for sensemaking, decision-support and full automation in such an environment and are therefore recognized as key building blocks in tackling the challenge of the energy trilemma.