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Papers at ICIS, WISE and WITS 2018

Different papers have been presented by our research group at several conferences

Konstantina Valogianni presented the paper Facilitating a Sustainable Electric Vehicle Transition through Consumer Utility Driven Pricing that was co-authored by Wolfgang Ketter, John Collins, and Dmitry Zhdanov at ICIS 2018. The paper deals with the strain on electricity grids that large penetrations of electric vehicles (EVs) can cause, with an electrified transportation system being widely assumed to be an important step along the road to environmental sustainability. A pricing scheme is developed that mitigates this strain and reduces grid strain.

The paper FleetPower: Creating Virtual Power Plants in Sustainable Smart Electricity Markets by Micha Kahlen, Alok Gupta, and Wolfgang Ketter was presented at WITS 2018. The paper shows how idle times of electric car sharing vehicles can be used to to create virtual power plants (VPPs) in order to stabilize the grid, and at the same time also improve profitability for the fleet operator.

Derck Koolen presented the paper Effect of Technology Non-Neutrality and Information Transparency on Sequential Pricing in Decarbonizing Power Markets that was co-authored by Derek Bunn, Wolfgang Ketter, and Alok Gupta at WISE 2018. The paper is concerned with the effects of different renewable energy technologies on futures market risk premiums.